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Seven Powerful Reasons to Workout Online with Workout Wizard


We are obviously in a transition from the old to the new and this holds true for how we re-shape our thinking and practices around fitness and health. I realize that some of what you are about to read may surprise you since we've never really had to evaluate our fitness habits from these perspectives as a whole. However, it's up to us to realize and then take action in breaking the old mold and creating a new one. Herein I present my model for a new and better world for people interested in improving their fitness and engaging this lifestyle for good. Below are 7 Powerful Reasons to Train with Workout Wizard.

1. BETTER RESULTS: Research indicates that the main variable in working out more frequently and achieving and maintaining fitness is THE DISTANCE YOU HAVE TO TRAVEL TO YOUR GYM OR HEALTH CLUB. The closer you are to your training the more likely it is that you will show up. With online training, we've entirely eliminated the commuting factor. With Workout Wizard, all you have to do is push a button and a clearly defined fitness program comes to you along with the irreplaceable presence, motivation, and guidance of a live fitness trainer....year-round in the comfort of your own home.

2. HELPS MINIMIZE UNNECESSARY EXPOSURE TO GERMS: Gyms and health clubs are notorious epicenters for viral and bacterial infections, especially staph and salmonella. And that information was prevalent prior to COVID-19. Now with COVID-19, we have an even graver concern. COVID-19 is mainly an airborne contaminant; and what else is a gym but a haven for heavy breathers! Normally, we breathe about 12 liters of air per minute during rest. With exercise, this increases to 45-60 liters per minute. In addition, the force at which we expel air increases substantially, along with viruses being expelled. Masks could slow the transmission of COVID in the gyms but they will never totally eliminate it. On top of it all, mask-wearing is not recommended during vigorous exercise as CO2 levels can build up rapidly and cause other health complications. Workout Wizards at-home training ensures a safer environment that you can control against germs. The less we are sick, the more consistent we are with exercise. The more consistent we are with exercise, the greater our results from working out.

3. COST-EFFECTIVE: By switching from going to the gym to live online fitness training with Workout Wizard, fitness enthusiasts can work with a trainer from home for less than the cost of an average gym membership! No, that's not a mistake; it's just plain mathematics. THIS IS AN UNHEARD OF SHIFT IN ECONOMY WITH ENHANCED QUALITY OF SERVICE! Important: Read on to understand the hidden costs that are incurred by having a gym membership.

a.) According to research from marketing firm Dstilerry the average distance to drive to a gym is about 5 miles (most people in my county drive at least twice that much but we'll go with the national average.) Nationally, 10 miles roundtrip is typical, averaging $1 in gas per workout.

With our calculation of 4 workouts per week, that totals $200 per year in gas and 2000 miles driven. You can calculate your estimated gas expense by using this ratio for your roundtrip to the gym.... (10 miles roundtrip: $1.00).

b.) Let's consider vehicle wear and tear on the 2000 miles driven to and from the gym during the year. Wear and tear for driving 2000 miles, with a medium-sized (sedan), is estimated at 24 cents per mile, equalling $480!

c.) $40 per month is the average gym membership, which comes to $480 per year.

Going with the most conservative data and summing up the three points above, it costs an average of $1160 per year to use an inexpensive gym with traveling costs included! But that $1160 does not include your actual personalized fitness program, structured to move you safely, keep you motivated and ensure you achieve your fitness goals! And it does not include personalized weight-loss and body composition coaching and workshops (for those of you that could benefit from such a thing....just about everyone!LOL) Live online fitness training with Workout Wizard includes a guided and personalized fitness program from A-Z and also includes Workout Wizard's successful Fitness Lifestyle Masterplan, which usually costs about $400 per year and includes live diet counseling with Andre Turan, A.C.E. Certified. So, people who are committed to being part of a TRUE lifestyle of fitness, can now have a complete fitness program FOR LESS THAN THE AMOUNT THAT IT ACTUALLY COSTS TO HAVE AN AVERAGE GYM MEMBERSHIP.

4. NOT WEATHER DEPENDANT: Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall....Unless (God forbid) you have a flood in your house or a tornado takes your roof, or the internet is down - you're good to do workouts with Workout Wizard any day you choose!

5. SAFER AND MORE EFFECTIVE THAN EXERCISE VIDEOS: Exercise videos are notorious for leading to injury. Why? For two reasons:

a. Your form is everything when it comes to fitness. A good trainer will keep tweaking your form to ensure optimal training technique for better results and injury prevention.

b. Exercise 'dosing' can be regulated by the trainer. Most people that work out to pre-recorded fitness videos don't know how to gauge how much is too little or too much. Especially for people who are new to fitness, exercise dosing is the key to sticking with a routine. Newcomers tend to be overenthusiastic in the first three weeks of dabbling in fitness. This frequently leads to burnout and disappointment. An experienced trainer with Workout Wizard, I will be able to adjust the intensity, frequency, and duration of exercises to gradually build good fitness habits and lasting results

6. SAVES TIME AND THE ENVIRONMENT: Even at the average 5-mile distance driven to the gym, it can take just shy of 9 minutes to get to the gym on backroads (you could be about 25% done with your workout at that point!) That's 18 minutes for each round trip, 1 hour and 12 minutes of driving per week or a whopping 62 hours of driving per year! Isn't that crazy? That's the equivalent of what could be 82 workouts. But remember, just as many people drive in excess of the average 5 miles...Think about the planetary carbon footprint that would be saved by eliminating all that driving. Now multiply that by every health club member that drives to the gym!

7. TRAIN FROM ANYWHERE: This is probably the best part. No matter where you go, Workout Wizard goes with you. Log in from your travel destination and keep yourself feeling great, whether on vacation or on business. We're there to keep your metabolism revving and your energy high. Workout Wizard classes are all fitness levels. Currently, participants range from 20 to 80 years old, men and women, beginners and advanced trainers alike.

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