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FITNESS HACKS FOR MENOPAUSE: Simple Moves for Greater Wellness and Strength


Simple Moves For Greater Wellness and Strength."

by Andre Turan, A.C.E. Certified

I started my fitness training business on the Upper Westside of Manhattan way back in the olden days - the last century - 1997. The initial program I developed was a non-impact class I called "The Anti-Gravity Movements." Classes were packed. When I visualized the type of person that I would be training I figured that I would mainly have male clientele. What I didn't expect was that 99% of my clientele would end up being women; many women who were on menopause would constantly comment on how amazing the classes made them feel and that they had never experienced a class quite like it before. Remember, this was 1997. It made them feel empowered. And I knew exactly why!

So why did the class’s fitness hacks appeal to women so much? The formula was all in how the classes and fitness hacks were structured to alternate between serious toning and growth hormone (fitness hormone) stimulation. The toning component of the classes was very clearly defined and quite obviously a draw for women that wanted to work on their 'trouble areas'. But why did these women feel so good after the classes? Were they tricked? No. The hormonal training was the actual aspect, applying a hybrid of male / female training preferences. It was a balancing act that I would later discover had a huge positive impact on my pre-menopause and post-menopause clientele.

When women enter menopause the sex hormones, which were enormously protective for the heart and brain and helped maintain body weight and muscle mass, diminish drastically. The good news is that other hormones can be summoned and used, even during menopause, as a substitute to replace the benefits of sex hormones. The main hormone that can be accessed through movement is called Growth Hormone, otherwise known as the Fitness Hormone, or as the Youth Hormone. And there are very good reasons for those titles. This magical hormone improves skin texture, helps burn body fat, builds muscle, improves brain function, enhances libido, improves bone health, regulates blood sugar, and can potentially enhance the body's longevity. It does sound pretty magical, but it's real, and this hormone is at our fingertips.

The first idea I'd like to emphasize is that growth hormone stimulating exercises can be a tricky practice to easily fit into most women’s lifestyles; pre or post-menopause. And the reason for this is two-fold:

a. Most women are quite busy and are often selflessly putting others before themselves, so at the end of the day there is just no energy or room left for this type of practice. It takes a bit more focus and determination to access muscle fibers that stimulate GH; so having the right fitness hacks will be key.

b. Growth hormone stimulating exercises are, by nature, uncomfortable. Certainly, doing it right requires being 'out of the comfort zone.' This in itself can be demotivating and most women do not get beyond 3 weeks of attempting to practice this type of fitness. Especially women who are already uncomfortable because of menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and fatigue.

I suggest starting with developing a habit of showing up first. Without developing this habit, the fitness hormone lifestyle will not manifest! Onto some fitness hacks!

a. Unless you are already a conditioned exerciser, start with light cardio such as walking, biking, or a cardio machine. Do this for no more than 20 minutes, 3-5 days a week. Practice this for three weeks.

b. In the fourth week, begin to add in my beginners' squat progress plan. Contact me here for the plan. It's free! I call the squat the Foundation of Fitness. Please read below for more information on that particular hack.

c. Once you've completed the first month of the squat progress plan you might want to consider trying low impact HIIT training. These are some of the safest fitness hacks to develop routines that stimulate GH. You can contact me here for information on my online programs or click here to access my Menopause Power Fitness circuit for GH stimulation. In that free video you will learn how to apply:

a. The Mountain Climber Push-up

b. Banana

c. Superwoman

d. Reverse Plank

Starting a proper exercise routine is just like learning a musical instrument. With musical instruments, you have to lay down a foundation of repetition consistently before the playing can become smoother and eventually create beautiful music. The same is true for the body through exercise. In the case of growth hormone stimulation, there is a period (6-12 weeks) when no noticeable changes might take place. (If only our fitness hacks could work that fast.) However, by maintaining focus and disciplined practice of fitness that moment of beautiful music always arrives and you will gain so much new health and wellness in menopause. And once it arrives you'll be able to sing your happy song of strength, wellness, and fitness for life.

THE FOUNDATION OF FITNESS: I made a thorough study of squat training from which I concluded that there is no other movement that the human body can do, without impact on the joints, that produces as much energy and releases as intense a cascade of fitness-related anabolic hormones such as growth hormone. The squat is the ultimate fitness hack. To debunk the myth that squats are "bad for the knees" I went ahead and did something no other human had ever done. I set the world record for most squats in 24 hours (15,939). And the following day I went for a jog! Not only did my knees feel stronger over the years of squat training but the tendons that help articulate my knees became very strong. Proper squat training will prevent knee issues; enhancing the body's ability to move youthfully and powerfully as we age.

I recorded videos exclusively on proper squat training and they are available for free on YouTube. Go to on YouTube for this important fitness hack. Once you are on the channel go to the 'videos' section and search for "Introduction to Squat Pace Training." Or click here to go to my YouTube channel and then click on the Squat Pace Training playlist or search for "Introduction to Squat Pace Training."

Information on is mainly for information purposes only. Materials on this website are not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, medical treatment, or therapy. Never disregard professional psychological or medical advice nor delay in seeking professional advice or treatment because of something you have read on this website.

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