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5 Steps to Casting a Fitness Spell

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

step #1

Fitness practices are a great way to generate powerful energy with the body. The mind and thoughts generated by the brain are also extensions of the body. However, in terms of fitness training we don't usually approach our workouts holistically, combining mind, body and spirit for something much greater than the sum of its parts.

Over the next 5 posts I will lay out my plan for making workouts into rituals and making those rituals into powerful experiences that lead to life outcomes or goals that you set for yourself.

Today we will only speak about goal setting, dream focusing and desire enhancement.

What is it that you want to achieve in your life? Do you have fitness goals? Do you have secret desires that are eating away at you but don't know how to express them? Have you had a dream that's been lying dormant for a while and you're ready to manifest it now?

The first step in this journey is to outline exactly what it is that you would like to manifest...get very clear, as detailed as possible. Write down three goals, dreams and/or desires you have. You might have more but please whittle it down to the three most important or featured ones.

Next....make sure that you REALLY want them. And make sure you are open to any changes that may take place by attaining these wishes. Because remember the saying: "Be careful what you wish for, it just might come true!"

In step #2 we will learn how to meditate on these ideas and begin to shape them into spells. Here is a definition of a spell or incantation: An incantation, a spell, a charm, an enchantment or a bewitchery, is a magical formula intended to trigger a magical effect on a person or objects. The formula can be spoken, sung or chanted. An incantation can also be performed during ceremonial rituals or prayers.

Are you ready for some magic?

step #2

Now that you have your wish, desire, affirmation, positive thought, intention - whatever you want to call it - it's time to begin practicing focus, attention, and the act of radiating your spell.

Based on step #1 from yesterday you have three ideas that you wrote down. Start with only one of them. Sit in a comfortable position. Do not lie down.

CRUCIAL: Please review "5 Secrets to Consistent Strength and Energy" Secret #1. In that blog I give information on how to establish a present moment "ANCHOR" meditation.

The initial goal in practicing to cast a fitness spell is to practice the meditation referred to in the Consistent Strength and Energy blog. Once you have established your anchor in "the Now" (I use high frequency sound, for example), which may take 5-minutes or so, then begin to repeat (in your mind) your affirmation/spell. First notice if you have any negative thoughts that might dis-spell your spell. Bring into your heart as much feeling and passion as you possibly can toward your affirmation. You must really want whatever it is that you will be casting. After a while you might notice thoughts creeping in. Some of these thoughts might not have anything to do with the spell you are creating but some might be directly related and may make you question your intentions. Just become aware of any negative thoughts that appear; thoughts that might hold you back from achieving your aim. What you will notice is that these negative thoughts just appeared. It's as if they are in a program within your psyche! The more you become aware of that, the more you will acknowledge that these negative thoughts are NOT TRUE. They are just past narratives, beliefs or impressions that are trying to control you. Their intention is to be right! This is where the battle begins. However, as in all battles, if you see your enemy's weakness, you can win the war!

The negative thinking enemy's weaknesses are:



This is the key: By learning to bring your attention to your "ANCHOR" you eventually decelerate any thoughts you do not want and in turn you can begin to accelerate the thoughts and desires you do want. Here is a real-life analogy to this phenomenon that most people can relate to: Try to remember something from a long time ago that made you angry or hurt your feelings at the time but now when you think of it it doesn't have the same power over you, if at all. TIME decelerated the negative thought and perhaps even replaced it with some positive ones. This is exactly what we are doing in these Spell Casting Meditations. But it is a practice that must become a regular ritual in order to have powerful, long-lasting effects.....patience is required...however we will make it fun and highly energetic by step #5. Stay tuned.

step #3

NEGATIVE THOUGHT ADDICTION - overcome this and you will be fit for life!

In a way, this is step #2....the sequel (LOL). I feel I need to expand on some of yesterday's ideas in order to make this process more clear. Thursday and Friday we will piece things together for practical applications in 'accelerating positive thoughts'. But before that, let's delve into some misconceptions of positive thinking.

We are addicted to our (negative) thinking! This IS the problem. Try to turn your thinking off right now. It's virtually impossible. You might have good thoughts but no doubt they are mixed with negative thoughts - insecurities, esteem issues, anger, self-pity, boredom, chronic dissatisfaction and so forth. The secret to casting effective spells is to experience the NOW and by exploring this place, this space, and going deeper and deeper into the NOW we gain a certain power to shrink and even set negative thinking aside to allow for more positive space. Daily practice is key - eventually practicing it throughout the day as negative thoughts arise. You will learn to decelerate negative thoughts and replace them with positive alternatives; ones that meet the needs of your aims and a better quality of life and happiness.

Affirmations and repetitive thought practice alone are not the answer. I can be yelling: "Anybody want a million dollars?" in the middle of a loud rock concert but unless the volume of the music is decreased that question will not be heard by anyone. Decreasing the volume of the concert music is like decelerating the momentum (and volume) of negative thinking. ... Ahhh, now who wants a million dollars? The message will begin to get through. Meditating is like finding the volume button and knowing how to use it at will. Once we are able to mute our devils we can then add our angels - the positive statements, the affirmations. But if the devils remain loud and obnoxious, our affirmations will become confused and negated.

The ANCHOR meditation is necessary in order to bring awareness into the present moment. The present moment is the only 'place' or 'space' in which we can develop positive moment-um after shushing our devils.

We can not think of the past, reminiscing so to speak, and at the same time successfully gain forward momentum in our chosen aims...unless we become present to the NOW. Why? Because the past will only bring up 'feeling' memories that are associated with that point in time. This is not effective and can tarnish our energies with negative thinking. What is effective is ALWAYS STARTING WITH A CLEAN SLATE and then adding to that slate a positive affirmation. Likewise, we can not focus exclusively on the future and gain forward momentum in our chosen goals because the head will be in imagination - fantasy. The future has not yet arrived, right? So it is imagination! By projecting into the future we are actively avoiding the NOW, THE PRESENT. This moment is the only time and place in which we can maintain the proper steps to achieve our aims. If you wish to master this, start with 5-minutes and slowly build to 20-minutes of ANCHOR meditation each day. Once you are one with your anchor, use it throughout the day when internal conflicts arise. The more you call upon it the stronger your magic will be.

FINAL NOTES: The English language has given us some miraculous clues. Just take a look at those two words: NOW and PRESENT. If you are in the NOW - you've WON. These words are known as an emordnilap, a word that becomes another word when spelled backwards. If you are in THE PRESENT, you are in THE GIFT. Present and gift are synonymous. So if you wish to win the gift of casting powerful fitness spells take the anchor meditation seriously. Tune-in to the moment. Notice your repetitive addiction to negative thoughts and begin to decelerate their power. Even this alone, without adding any positive thoughts, goals and aims can lighten our lives and bring about happiness. Break the addiction NOW!

step #4


Now that you've read steps #1-3 you are ready to compose your first incantation, mantra, affirmation - whatever word you are most comfortable with. Warning: This will take about 20-minutes of your time. But it's worth it. These 20-minutes totally changed my life!

Sit down with a timer for 5-minutes and begin writing ALL the wishes, desires, goals you have. The sky is the limit. For the sake of fitness spells, make sure you include some that are fitness and health related. Stop writing at 5-minutes. Keep this list. You can eventually pull from this list when you are ready to expand your affirmation practice.

Take another 5-minutes and whittle your list down to the three most important ones. Set two aside and choose only one to begin with.

Take another 5-minutes and write a paragraph on what your life would be like if you did NOT achieve this goal or attain this wish. This is one area where future imagination IS useful. Get into your emotions!! Passion is key.

Finally, in the last 5-minutes write a paragraph of what your life might look like if you DID achieve this goal. Celebrate with emotional words!! Keep all of these writings. You should refer back to both of these paragraphs on a weekly basis. Keep them handy.

Your affirmation statement should be IDEALISTIC, IN THE PRESENT TENSE and CREATE IMAGES that push emotional buttons in YOU. Try to keep your statement to 10 words. The reason for this will be explained in step #5.

You can begin to practice affirmation meditations once you have gotten a stronger sense of your anchor and you can feel your attention more so in the present moment. TIP: Drifting into thinking at any point is your addiction to thinking pulling you out of the moment. However, as soon as you notice a thought come right back to your anchor and try to sense your anchor even deeper. This is the exercise that in time will strengthen your anchor. Much patience is required to re-train the mind. You can even start to do this anchor exercise as you go throughout the day. If you notice a thought that is not productive - let's call it a negative thought - come to your anchor. In time you will be able to turn negative thought volumes down at will and instantly move toward a positive thought and direction.

step #5


Once you've laid down your foundation of sitting meditations, using the ANCHOR system, and you've invested your spirit in your affirmations (or incantations); it's time to combine this practice with movement. Make sure you feel confident that you can access your anchor readily. If not, you should remain at the sitting meditation stage until you are ready.

I recommend composing your affirmations in sets of 10 words (or whatever number makes sense to you) so as you repeat these incantations you also have a gage of counting reps. This might not be useful during running. However, I've found it to be very useful during body weight squat sessions.

For example, I've built my incantations/affirmations up to about 200 words, slowly over the years, so if I combine the meditation with my squats each round of incantations ends up at 200 squats. However, you can do whatever number of reps you choose. It will eventually build for you too.

The benefit of combining positive thought practice with repetitive movement is that the movement inherently brings the body into the present moment, and eventually brings the positive thoughts into muscle memory.

I've practiced this during walking, running, squatting. Other moves that would also work are: mountain climbers, push ups, ab exercises, bicep curls etc. You can get creative with it.

Reduce the momentum of negative thinking. Increase the momentum of positive thinking. Bring the thoughts and feelings into your body. Keep that body moving. A body in positive motion will stay in positive motion.....It's like magic!

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