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5 Secrets to Supreme Squats

Secret #1

Please do not attempt this program if you have any pre-existing knee and/or other joint issues. You may need modifications in your approach. Message me if you have a concern.

I'm not going to describe squat form in this blog because I discuss that in the video "Proper Form for Squat Pace Training" on my YouTube page ( on YouTube) please go there if you need guidance on basic form. However, once you have good form you can apply the following technique.

I developed Squat Pace Training as a tool to minimize lactic acid build-up while I was training for the 'most squats in 24-hour world record'. What I discovered was that these paces could also be used as a powerful tool to tap into the type IIa muscle fibers. Type IIa muscle fibers are the hybrid fibers. They are both slow and fast twitch, which means you get the benefits of both. You can work aerobically, anaerobically and also effect hypertrophy and growth hormone release.

In my Squat Pace Training playlist or videos section on YouTube you will find 17 paces. Once you have completed a proper warm-up; find the squat pace that you can complete in three minutes, stopping only once or twice for no more than 10-seconds each time. If you can easily complete the three minutes without stopping then you need to find a faster pace. If you have to stop more than three times for no more than ten seconds each time, then the pace is too fast.

The goal will be to eventually complete the three minutes at what was once a challenging pace. Once you hit your maximum speed you will have developed a powerful fitness tool to SAFELY pump out growth hormone and enhance your ability to do endurance squats as well - burning calories galore!

FOR THE ADVANCED TRAINER: I am starting a new YouTube series: Squat 1000's. I will be posting videos regularly where the goal is to complete 1000 squats at different squat paces. All you have to do is follow along.

Squatting is the #1 non-impact movement the human body can do to burn calories and stimulate anabolic fitness hormones. It's literally like a fountain of youth and physical power!

Secret #2

How to Supercharge Your Metabolism with Different Squat Paces

In Secret #1 I spoke of using squat pace training to stimulate type IIa muscle fiber, which leads to increased growth hormone and other anabolic hormones plus strengthening of the legs along with enhanced endurance. It truly is a sweet spot of optimal fitness training. However, there is another way to use the squat and that is to spread squats throughout the day!

Why is this different from walking more frequently throughout the day? A thirty year NASA research program devised to minimize the deleterious effects that micro-gravity was having on Astronauts concluded that it is the upward movement against gravity that has a seemingly magical effect on the body. Forward, horizontal movement does NOT have the same effect. It's the actual act of standing up, moving up against gravity that stimulates lipo-protein lipase and fitness hormones. You can learn more about this research by Googling Dr. Joan Vernikos.

Dr. Vernikos does not give a clear indication of how many times per hour one needs to stand up (which is basically a squat) but the clear message is that the more frequently this occurs the more fat-burning benefits are derived.

I did a one-month test of this strategy on myself without changing my diet. As a matter of fact I ate more calories to offset the energy I was expending from squats. I completing 100 SLOW squats per hour for 8-10 hours throughout the day, ending with 800-1000 squats per day. This is just a threshold I set for myself. My understanding is benefits can be seen even by doing 20-50 SLOW squats per hour. Within 2 weeks I went from 9 percent body fat down to 6 percent body fat.

My conclusion is that this approach is excellent to complement squat pace training. It is a perfect recovery day movement as it only taps into the slow twitch fibers, which oxygenate and repair muscle. Supercharge your metabolism by spreading slow squats throughout the day!

Secret #3

Warping Time with Affirmation Squats

We live such busy lives in general. Time is a precious resource that we need to value greatly in order to accomplish all the things we desire to achieve. Yet, how do we fit everything into the course of a, relationships, self-nurturing, exercise, meditation, sleep etc. without feeling overwhelmed?

There are many ways of creating efficiency in how we go about our day. This technique not only combines two areas, exercise and meditation, but it also has a subconscious effect on warping time to somehow fit other things in with greater ease.

Use a tally counter while squatting (clicker). These are also known as pitch counters and can be purchased very inexpensively on Amazon. Using a clicker will relieve you of having to count each and every squat, if you're aiming for a number goal. Also, it will free up brain space so you can combine affirmations with your squats. I have build my affirmations to about 200 words - it's like a huge poem that I built over time - slowly building it 10-ish words at a time. Here is a random example:

"I am extremely strong with endless endurance, mental stamina and clarity."

As you'll notice that affirmation is in the present tense and optimally idealistic. It pushes buttons with me so I can connect on an emotional basis - generating passion behind the affirmations is crucial. Be as specific as possible with what positive ideas you would like to exist in your life.

Each word is accompanied by one squat. I suggest starting off with one phrase and getting good at it. Repeat it throughout your workout and try to feel the ideas. Once you are used to the affirmation, it is time to add another idea and keep building it from there. If you cover relationships, self-nurturing, financial success etc., then these are areas of your life you will focus on and effect positively....the key is to PRACTICE REGULARLY! You will warp time, find success and get in some amazing squats at the same time. You will literally be a positive thought generator! Enjoy.

Secret #4

Upper body Squat Training for Enhanced Chi Flow

Once you have a strong body weight squat routine in place, it's time to bring upper body training into the equation. I recommend basic dumb bell training so an investment would need to be made into an assortment of weights. Start light and easy, don't rush and you will get better results in the long run as you develop with better form. There are dozens of effective and safe forms to take for upper body squat training. For the sake of this blog I will only focus in on two very important movements.

By adding upper body moves to squats you will enhance blood flow to the torso and brain in addition to the lower body. Chakras and meridians can be opened for vital Qi/Chi flow, especially as we perform these movements in an aerobic/anaerobic state.

I posted a video on my YouTube channel ( called Upper body Squat Training Basics. Please go there to see the forms I am referring to in this blog.

1. THE ROW SQUAT - This is a powerful move to engage deltoids, biceps, core and back muscles. A moderate weight can eventually be used for this exercise. Start light and build slowly to establish integrity in the shoulders. Always squeeze your shoulder blades together as you extend your arms; this will insure solid shoulder girdle alignment.

2. SQUAT FULL HAMMER - You can eventually use a heavy weight for this exercise. Make sure not to lean forward too much with this movement. Drop your hands along-side your shins with shoulder blades pulled back and chest up. Start light and build slowly to establish integrity in the shoulders.

Starter Routine (once you have completed a month of squat pace training, see secret #1 for information on squat pace training):

15 squats

20 rows (your choice of challenging weight)

20 squat full hammers (your choice of challenging weight)

Repeat twice

Secret #5


To me, this is the icing on the delicious (sugar-free) cake. Once you have mastered the squat; meaning you are confident and safe in your range of motion, you can knock out a powerful cardio workout and you can play with your squat paces for varying fitness and strength benefits (please read blogs 1-4 if you do not understand,) then it's time to experience the most versatile piece of fitness equipment on Earth....YOU!

Of course, depending on where you live and when you are reading this blog, pandemic lockdowns might limit this practice; but that won't be forever! In my humble opinion, this practice elevates body weight squatting to the #1 position as the most effective health and fitness movement practice.

TAKE YOUR SQUATS OUTSIDE! Get your vitamin D as you squat. Go for a hike and once you are at your hiking destination, incorporate a pace training squat workout for growth hormone. If you live in a city, go to the park. If you are lucky enough to live by a beach, dig your feet into the sand and squat away. Squat barefoot as much as possible as this will create a grounding effect between you and the earth. This is called Earthing. Earthing has been studied to help the following conditions: chronic stress, ANS dysfunction, inflammation, pain, poor sleep, disturbed HRV, hypercoagulable blood, and many common health disorders, including cardiovascular disease.

So if I haven't yet convinced you about the supreme benefits of squat training in blogs 1-4, hopefully this one helps you to connect the dots and see the picture that I have seen for the past 20 years.....Efficiency, youth enhancing hormones, increases in strength, reduction in inflammation, powerful metabolic response, increased energy, fantastic physique shaping and more.

I use the Sansa Clip mp3 player with an athletic headphone that wraps around my ears. I don't recommend Blue Tooth, especially if you are Earthing. You can stream squat paces on my YouTube channel for free or you can load up your mp3 player with squat paces from my website ( Or you can just go to and find paces on the ONLINE FITNESS PROGRAMS page. Now that you have all the knowledge and tools you need, head outside for your Supreme Squats...Enjoy!

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