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5 Secrets to Consistent Strength and Energy

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Secret #1

You CHOOSE to either fail or succeed. If you blame anyone or anything else, you are only forsaking YOUR responsibility. By practicing THOUGHT POLICING I've been able to observe my negative thinking - all the negative thinking that just drains me. Over time I've been able to override these thoughts with affirmative 'replacement' thoughts that fuel me in a positive direction.

What I recommend is to start with 5 minutes each day (even weekends). Just sit and bring your attention to a singular focus - this eventually becomes your ANCHOR that in time can be used to instantly transport you to a higher state of mind. It could be your breath, the sensation of the soles of your feet or palms - anything.

I use high frequency focus. What that means is I hear a high frequency tone in my head (but only when I focus on it. This is not tinnitus.) If you can hear a high-pitched tone in your head this is the best thing to focus on as it is a constant presence that is always there to tap into - no effort is required other than listening. Let me know if you hear this high frequency because it is a powerful tool for meditation. I can send more information on how to practice this high frequency meditation in more detail. Either way, no matter what your singular focus is just try to keep your attention there for 5 minutes (eventually build to 20). This is a centering experience that brings you into the present moment. It is key because the present is the only thing that's real. We live the rest of our lives in reactions that are past programs OR imaginations and expectations of the future. Neither of these are REAL! So if we can come to a place that is real -the NOW- then that's the only place where we can set our intentions into becoming reality. Does this make sense? As you sit there observing the present, the NOW, you might notice your racing thoughts and feelings. Just observe how we are really like a living tape-loop of random associative thoughts! THIS IS A GREAT REALIZATION!! It is the start of thought policing - in order to be a good thought cop you have to be able to first see the criminals!

Come to your singular focus for the first 2-3 minutes and then for the rest of your practice begin to think and FEEL what it would be like to feel strong and energetic. Meanwhile try to keep your attention in the present as much as possible. You can use the affirmation: I AM STRONG AND ENERGETIC (or whatever motivates you). Keep your attention in the moment as you say this. Speak to the NOW! This is the place where momentum begins!

I know that to some of you, this might sound a bit hocus pocus but try to suspend your disbelief for one month of this exercise and prove it to yourself. It is important to practice this every single day, or at least every day that you are thinking (LOL!) Police your thoughts! Put the bad ones away and let the good ones roam the streets of you mind and heart.

With THOUGHT POLICING as a daily practice we can live life with greater ease and energy as opposed to disease and fatigue. It is the psychological equivalent of distancing yourself from a person in your life who always puts you down and stresses you out and replacing them with a person who supports and helps you instead.....YOU CHOOSE.

Secret #2

We need to consume foods that empower our physical systems. The main ingredient to avoid is high glycemic (simple) sugars. By eating mainly whole foods that are low glycemic (<55) we change our relationship with insulin. The less insulin we have floating around our bloodstream, the more space there is for vitality producing growth hormone (GH). If you want consistent energy you need to master your GH release. And through food, one of the most immediate ways to do this is by consuming low glycemic foods across the board. You can Google the glycemic index of most foods. The information is at your fingertips, literally. Another tip is to look at the ingredient list (not the nutrition facts) of pre-package foods and make sure there is no added sugar on the list. You can tell a sugar item usually because the words that identify them typically end in "ose", such as fructOSE, for example. Also, if you need to add sweetening to your foods there are amazing options on the market these days: stevia, Truvia, Monk fruit extract, coconut sugar are just a few. Very important: Minimize alcohol consumption as alcohol is extremely high on the glycemic index and WILL zap your GH!

Secret #3

Include type IIa muscle fiber strength and endurance training to optimize your time. To learn about type IIa training, please read my blog on S.H.I.I.T. training (LOL!).

Schedule your workouts ahead of time for the entire week on Sunday (or whatever your last day of the week falls on)! Prioritizing exercise is crucial. If you don't plan to exercise then eventually workouts will be missed and you will lose momentum. Always have your exercise clothes ready to just slip into - prep them the night before. Don't make that an obstacle! If you currently do not exercise on a regular basis then therein lies your problem. Exercising will begin to increase strength and energy by enhancing your capacity to utilize oxygen, ATP and release growth hormone. All of these benefits will enhance strength and energy. If you need an energy and strength enhancing fitness program go to and learn about the options we can provide.

You'll never achieve consistent fitness without a clear and focused fitness plan!

Very Important: Accept the idea that building strength requires a measure of discomfort so GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! If you're workouts are always a cakewalk then you might as well just eat cake - kinda just kidding. But you get the idea - you need to go for that IIa muscle burn and that burn is definitely uncomfortable.

Finally, don't sit for prolonged periods. Get up every hour. If possible, do 25-50 squats per hour to keep hormones flowing. Moving up against gravity is they key! Google: Joan Vernikos interview.

Here is a super-trick to keep workouts consistent and flowing. Momentum is EVERYTHING in fitness so once you have your workouts planned and scheduled and your workout clothes on; start your routine with the simplest, easiest, laziest movement that you can do. For example, I always start with a horsestance shake, lightly pumping up and down, knees slightly bent while I shake out my wrists and arms. A down-dog position might also work for some people. Walking in place with your arms pumping might be another one to try. Even light dancing could work. Whatever floats your boat! Just remember to keep it light and easy-breezy JUST TO GET MOMENTUM going and blood circulating. After a few minutes of doing this you will have put yourself into another state of mind - I call it the "do it" state of mind. The more you practice this super-light warm up, the more your mind-body association will kick you into motivation!

Secret #4

CONSISTENCY IS KEY: The body loves regularity. The more your schedule fluctuates the more stress your body will experience. Your body will react to everything you do as well as everything you do not do. It's just the way it works. The main goal with consistency is to keep helping the body to produce anabolic hormones (repair and build the body) as opposed to catabolic hormoes (break the body down). So if you have irregular sleeping habits, for example, then your body will secrete stress hormones that decrease growth hormone (GH) levels in the bloodstream. And thus, there will be one strike against having energy the following day. With good quality "regular" sleep the body secretes GH approximately 3-4 times in an 8 hour period, helping to repair the body, mobilize fat and aid in brain health. So keeping your sleeping habits as regular as possible is crucial for consistent energy.

Another example of consistency is overall energy output during workouts. I like to look at calories when it comes to movement. For example, If you are interested in burning fat from movement, it is better to burn less calories on a given day than to fluctuate drastically in the amount of calories your burn from day to day. To clarify: If you burn 300 calories everyday Monday through Friday you will burn more FAT than if you burned 500 calories Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Same amount of calories were burned (1500) in both scenarios but the bodies reaction is very different. That said, based on your life's schedule you always have to just do the best that you can with scheduling yourself. It's better to do three days than to do no days! If you fall into this irregular exercise category, don't worry, I have a solution for you in the Fitness Lifestyle Masterplan.

The same goes for food consumption. The more you eat consistently and regularly, stabilizing metabolism, the more likely it is that you will maintain or build muscle while burning fat as opposed to binging one day and then calorie restricting another day. The binge/restriction pattern is the most common way to lose muscle mass and gain body fat. And it is a typical cause of fatigue and weakness. It can be very frustrating until this concept of regularity and consistency is practiced.

Learn how to define and practice your consistent lifestyle patterns to maximize strength and energy in the Fitness Lifestyle Masterplan.

Secret #5

DRINK WATER! This point should probably be point number one as it is the most common issue that I see with people who feel tired and weak. Many people live their lives dehydrated and fatigued as a result. This is such a simple idea yet one of the hardest fitness practices to keep up regularly!

Applying this one secret can be a big part of the solution: Drink at least 1/2 oz. per pound per day of water. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds you should minimally drink 75 ounces per day. If you are a heavy exerciser, you should drink up to 1 ounce per pound per day. That would mean 150 ounces of water for someone who weighs 150 pounds. Make sure your water is pure. If it is from your tap, use a water filtration system.

Any one of the 5 secrets (please see other posts) could be the one that moves the needle for you and helps you with energy and strength right away. And one of these secrets probably speaks to you more than the other ones so start with what's easiest! Please share them if you know someone who is suffering from fatigue or needs to build strength.

What was your favorite secret? Comment below.

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