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ONLINE FITNESS TRAINING! is a LIVE online health and 'all-levels' fitness program with easy to access fitness and weight-loss classes.  Online Personal Training is also available.  Please CONTACT me for more details.

Workout LIVE ONLINE with a fitness program that personalizes workouts to YOU.  Our programs are live internet classes structured to safely guide you through health-building moves and practices with virtually no equipment required!

We will maximize calorie burn and strengthen and tone muscles with a proven world-class training system.


Release vitalizing hormones (GH) through deep muscle exercises that stimulate the flow of energy, enhancing oxygenation and improving metabolism - all with our low-impact method designed to protect your joints. 


Single-class: $12

*One-week unlimited classes: $40

*One-month unlimited classes: $120

Class Schedule:

*8:30 am est/5:30 am pst Monday through Saturday

9:30 am est/6:30 am pst Monday through Saturday 

*10:30 am est/7:30 am pst Monday through Saturday 


5:30 pm est/2:30 pm pst Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

*One-week and one-month subscriptions also receive video replays each day sent via e-mail for as long as the duration of their subscription.  This option is great for subscribers with variable schedules!

*Additional classes to be added as interest is expressed.  Please let us know if you have a training time preference that is not currently on our schedule.

Along with the classes, and at no additional charge, we also offer **The Fitness Lifestyle Masterplan, which includes weight-loss coaching. This offer is available to all weekly and monthly subscribers.  It is a crucial program if you are interested in reducing body fat and improving your overall body composition  


**The Fitness Lifestyle Masterplan is also available to non exercise class subscribers - $120 / 10-week program.

The weekly Fitness Lifestyle Masterplan workshops occur live on Zoom at 7 pm est/4 pm pst Thursdays.  These live workshops are recorded for your scheduling convenience!


Results may vary.  Classes are assembling now.  Please message us for more info.


Serving the online fitness community since 2012!

individual results may vary