10-week SERIES

This is the famous 10-week ONLINE ANTI-AGING and weight-loss program.... also called the Fitness Lifestyle Masterplan.

The Fitness Lifestyle Masterplan is a simple-to-use 16-point strategy that has been helping people optimize their HEALTH AND fitness and lose weight ....with a 100% success rate for all participants that show up for the meetings.

Meetings are for 10-weeks EVERY THURSDAY AT 7 PM on Zoom, starting JUNE 23rd 2022.  Also recorded if you can't make the live meetings.

If you wish to join the program you will need to have, or purchase, a body fat scale (not expensive.) Without a body fat scale we won't be able to measure YOUR FAT-LOSS progress!!

Please MESSAGE me if you would like more info or to join the program.  SPACE IS LIMITED SO REGISTER NOW!

Cost is $120 for the full program, which includes your 10 weekly workshops on Zoom plus individual HEALTH AND fitness counseling sessions when needed, AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Also, if you are seeking a personalized exercise program, please take a look at my ONLINE FITNESS PROGRAMS at