This is the famous 8-week weight-loss/muscle enhancement program IF YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT and/or gain lean muscle BUT HAVE BEEN FRUSTRATED AND CONFUSED ABOUT HOW TO GO ABOUT IT WITH LASTING EFFECTS.

The Fitness Lifestyle Masterplan is a simple-to-use 16-point strategy that has been helping people optimize their fitness, lose body fat and reduce inflammation! ....with a 100% success rate for all participants that show up for the meetings.

Meetings are EVERY THURSDAY AT 7 PM e.s.t. on Zoom.
If you wish to join the program you will need to have or purchase a Tanita body fat scale. I recommend the BF-680W but any Tanita is fine. Without a body fat scale we won't be able to measure your progress!!
Please message me if you would like more information or to join the program - you can start your 8-week cycle on any Thursday in april. 
the official new 8-week cycle starts
July 8th, 2021.

Cost is $99 for the full program, which includes your 8 weekly workshops on Zoom plus:
*Individual counseling when needed
*3-WEEKS unlimited fitness classes online
*video replays of all workshops
*membership to our Facebook community