Andre Turan breaks a Guinness World Record




Andre Turan, A.C.E. Certified has been recognized by Guinness World Records, The Book of Alternative Records and The Book of Elite World Records for his accomplishments in fitness.  His amazing skills at personalizing client programs for enhanced consistency and maximum results along with his innovations in diet and exercise have dubbed him The Workout Wizard.    Andre is currently a personal and group trainer in New York and globally online.  He designed health products for Gary Null & Associates, Inc., managed wellness retreats, and conducted many vitality studies that appeared in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and other peer review journals.  He co-produced The Art of Health, which was featured nationally on PBS television.  Certification:  A.C.E.  Continuing Education:  Physical Activity Readiness, H.I.I.T., Non-Impact High Intensity Training, Post-Rehabilitation Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Diet Counselling, High Intensity Interval Training for Women, Weight Training for Seniors.  He is the founder of SQUAT-TV, a global online community of body weight squat practitioners.