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Andre Turan / Workoutwizard.net has trained hundreds of people online since 2012. At no additional cost each subscriber is individually coached by Andre, apart from the group classes, in order to optimize form and get the most out of their individualized training and/or weight loss programs. This is not a one-size-fits-all program.

According to Andre:

"It is a cross between personal and group training.  

I can see what each individual is doing in the workouts and then help them in real-time to make their workouts even stronger, safer and more effective."  

Andre Turan, A.C.E. Certified:

Andre is a global leader in the low impact / high intensity training movement, He holds multiple world records in fitness including the Guinness World Records (2012) and the current world record for Most Squats in 24-hours. His innovations and successes in diet and exercise programming have dubbed him the workout wizard.